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Lynn F. Lee

flagname in ChineseWelcome to the East Dragon's Den!! Why is it called the East Dragon's Den, you ask? Perhaps it's because of my Chinese name, Dong Long (the Chinese characters for my name are there to the right...), which translated into English literally means "East Dragon"!!

Yes, I am indeed of Chinese descent--but like many overseas Chinese, I spurned my heritage when I was little and refused to learn Chinese (not that there were a lot of Chinese in Chattanooga, Tennessee, my home town...)

THUS, I came to Taiwan to study that extremely difficult language known as Mandarin Chinese and have been here for over 9 years! I was studying at the Center for Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC) (formerly known as the Mandarin Training Center (MTC)), which is located at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). bullet

Aside from studying Chinese, I've also been trying to save up a little bit of money by teaching math at:

The Princeton Review

Whether it's the SAT I or II, the GRE, or the GMAT, I'm teaching it! (In addition, I'm also The Princeton Review Taiwan's webmaster! Do you like the ad banner? It was also designed by moi!) I'm also tutoring math on the side, including calculus. "But is he qualified to teach such math?" you ask?

Well, I was a double major at UT Knoxville,and guess what? Yup, one of my majors was mathematics!
(If you want to take a look at my resumé, feel free to do so...).

As a mathematician, some people might think of me as being "left-brained" and classify me as a geek. The fact that my interests include science fiction (everything from Lord of the Rings to Star Trek); playing games of all sorts, such as cards (Spades, Hearts, Rook, etc.), chess (especially in high school), role-playing games (like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), and computer games (Starcraft, Age of Empires, Diablo, Warcraft I & II, Curse of Monkey Island, Relentless: Twinsen's Little Big Adventure, Command & Conquer, Tex Murphy: Overseer, King's Quest--Mask of Eternity, etc.); and collecting comics (especially the X-men & the Punisher...), one might actually begin to believe that!

But in actuality, I'm not "left-brained"...rather, I'm "integrated", as my other major in college might tell you. Yes, I was also an art major! Concentration in photography! (Although I do like drawing comics as well--the dragon at the top of the screen was something that I designed for the back of a T-shirt for the 1995 MTC Dragonboat Team..) Other interests of mine include cycling (that's me in the picture below with the gas mask on...yes, cycling isn't just a means of transportation for me anymore--it's an OBSESSION! Want to hear about my cycling adventures in Taiwan?), skiing (blue square level), judo (brown belt), soccer (any position but goalie!), and competing in Dragon Boat races (both rower & flag catcher)!! (Did I mention that I was on the 1995-2002 teams? Check out the T-shirt that I designed for the team in 1995! There were roughly 50 of these shirts made, & since our team consisted of students from all around the world...who knows, maybe you might actually see someone wearing one of them! In fact, the same design was reused in 1997 for the teams' backpacks, so now there are even more of them floating around!)

Since coming to Taiwan, I've gotten involved in several new activities: Chinese calligraphy, Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese painting, Tang Poetry (Tang Shi San Bai Shou), scuba diving, and rock climbing to name a few!

Well, I've been in Taiwan for 10+ years, & I'll probably be here for who knows how much longer. So if you're interested in setting up a website of your own... :)

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Anyways, that's more or less who I am in a nutshell! Questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at eastdragon42@lycos.com...

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