Family & Friends

Although I've been urging all my friends and relatives to get with the times and to get a homepage, unfortunately, very few of them actually have. Of the few that have...

  • May M. Lee
    My sister's homepage. Should look okay, considering the fact that she was a computer science major and is currently working for Hewlett Packard... If you're obsessed with soap operas, or more specifically, with General Hospital, you should probably see what my sister has to say on the subject... ;)

  • Halian A. Phillips
    Also known as the "Halian Stallion", Hal is one of the coolest dudes I've ever known. Friend since high school, fellow chess fanatic, awesome AD&D dungeon master, my best roommate in college, an outstanding jazz musician, the list goes on and on... His page is definitely worth checking out!

  • Leon Li
    A fellow Lee (although he spells his Li...), Leon was one of the cool roommates that I had while I was at Chien Tan (a.k.a. The "Loveboat"), a summer program for overseas Chinese held in Taipei, Taiwan. Leon is from Memphis, Tennessee, and if you consider the fact that there were only 5 people from Tennessee out of over a thousand students in the program, what IS the probability that two of them would be in the same room??!? Must've been destiny... ;) A good friend, an X-men fan, a fellow artist (check out his gallery!!), a sports fanatic, Leon seems to have connections everywhere! Check out his page...

  • Adrian Cotter
    Adrian Cotter is one of the most creative individuals that I've met while here in Taiwan. A fellow MTC student and Dragonboat rower, Adrian can not only row like hell, he can also steer a pretty damn good boat!! Fellow photographer, cyclist, and a really good writer, his site is awesome!! Check out the journals from his trip through Vietnam & China on his way back to the U.S., as well as his short stories...

  • Jay Cheng
    Jay was one of my SAT students from The Princeton Review back in 1995; He just graduated from the Taipei American School and is now at USC studying electronics. Jay is a freaking genius when it comes to computers, and in fact is the great guy who built my computer for me! A fellow cyclist, Jay also has the honor of having been on every single bike trip that I've been on while here in Taiwan. A great friend and fellow photographer, check out his page...

    (Sorry, too busy to put in descriptions...will update it a.s.a.p.!!)

  • Kiet Long
  • Jocelyn Liang
  • Lisa Nguyen
  • Cathy Hwang
  • Robert Chen
  • Christian Liu
  • Jason Chang
  • Eric Mah
  • Jeff Huffman
  • Mike Rogero
  • Robert F. Kennedy
  • Davey Smith
  • James Cheng
  • Ken Rui (Sarwo Suprihadi)
  • Chris Chen

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